Victims of Trauma

When children and adults are raped, abused, tortured, robbed at gun point or have many other terrible things happen to them, it can have a lasting effect on their lives. When people experience extreme cruelty such as during the Holocaust, others can't imagine the torment that these people have been through.


 People who are victims of trauma are often misunderstood. If a person experiences long term trauma, people do not understand why they can't just get over it and go on with their lives. They don't understand that trauma can alter the brain causing memories of traumatic events to reappear through triggers that cause the brain to bring up stored feeling. Not only does the brain record past events but it also records the feelings of these events. A person could have a good job, seem happy, feel good about themselves, yet they can not control what the brain remembers when certain situations triggers the brain to recall what happened to them.


 We are trying to help educate the public about the effects of Trauma in hopes that they can have a better understanding of those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


 When friends or family members can understand the effects of long term trauma on the brain, it helps bring relief to the victim who often suffers all alone. Very few take the time to understand that a negative response from the person is because the brain is unable to process situations and events properly because of damage done to the brain due to on going trauma.


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